Whitepaper: Bluetooth SIG Qualification - All about membership, processes, advantages and necessities

In addition to the regulatory approvals for products using the Bluetooth technology, approval in accordance with the requirements of the Bluetooth SIG is also required for a market launch. Every device that wants to use the Bluetooth technology and the Bluetooth logo must be tested according to the “Bluetooth SIG Qualification Program”.

As this process might be complex in some instances, we have created a new whitepaper covering the Bluetooth SIG Qualification. We are going over the following topics:

Bluetooth SIG Qualification

  • Advantages of a Qualification
  • Necessities of a Qualification
  • Bluetooth Enforcement Program

Bluetooth Qualification Process

  • Choosing the correct qualification path
  • Qualified Design IDs (QDIDs) and Declaration IDs (DIDs)
  • Qualifying an end product/subsystem vs. a component (tested)
  • Understanding Bluetooth product types
  • Qualifying with a component

The whitepaper is free and you can request it directly here.