CETECOM Whitepaper:                                        Basics of product certification

In our newly published whitepaper "The basics of product certification for products with wireless technologies", we therefore provide an insight into the requirements for manufacturers when using Bluetooth and WLAN in a device. 

We present the relevance of the antenna constellations for the approval process, we look at the two dominant approval regimes and their significance for international market approval, and we discuss possible approvals according to the private certification regimes.  

The whitepaper is free of charge and you can request it directly here:


For 25 years, CETECOM has been known as an independent provider of testing and certification services. With laboratories in Europe, North America and Asia, CETECOM offers consultancy, testing and certification with a focus on products with radio interfaces. Our broad portfolio includes testing services in the areas of EMC, radio, mobile software applications, over-the-air performance, SAR, field trials, electrical safety and acoustics as well as international type approval.